Monday, April 17, 2023

Yordan Alvarez - Emerging Baseball Star with Card Investment Potential

 Triple SSS Sports Cards is a Detroit, Michigan, company that offers a full range of PSA-graded cards across the major sports, both on eBay and at card shows. One of the emerging baseball stars that Triple SSS Sports Cards inventories is Yordan Alvarez.

In his breakout 2022 season, the Houston Astros' power hitter had a .306 batting average and slugged 37 home runs, earning his first All-Star team selection and third place in the AL Most Valuable Player voting. This performance has not gone unrecognized, as his rookie cards continue to enjoy significant demand from those who expect even better things moving forward.

A key Alvarez issue worth investing in is the 2018 Bowman Chrome Prospect Autograph, which features an on-card signature. A pristine BGS 10 graded version of this card, serial numbered to 499, sold for $1,425 in March 2023. In 2022, a gold refractor parallel of this card numbered to only 10 sold for $8,600.

While featuring a less desirable sticker autograph, the 2018 Contenders Draft Picks Baseball Draft Ticket, serial numbered to /99, is another blue-chip option. From Panini and thus (unlike Topps/Bowman) not featuring Alvarez’ pro uniform, this card remains relatively affordable. Another less expensive rookie autograph worth considering is the Bowman’s Best Yordan Alvarez Best of 2018, which typically sells at auction in the $80 to $100 range.

Sunday, April 9, 2023

The Impact of the 2023 Super Bowl on Football Cards

 Triple SSS Sports Cards has broad experience in trading sports cards. Located in Shelby Township, Michigan, Triple SSS Sports Cards offers good quality service to customers looking to trade in baseball, hockey, basketball, and football cards and non-sport cards. The annual football event, The Super Bowl, was held in February 2023. The event had an impact on the value of football cards.

The Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs played in the 57th Super Bowl. The Kansas City Chiefs emerged victorious, with Patrick Mahomes as the winning quarterback.

Winning the Super Bowl is the single-biggest way to boost a player's card value in the NFL season. The period between the off-season and the playoffs can see the value of players' cards increase to double or more than double. If the player wins, the value of their card could increase a lot.

The Super Bowl impacts players' cards in a way that it may not be advisable to buy cards of participating players just before. The losing team will see their value drop almost immediately. Prices can increase for a while and then decrease close to the start of the off-season for the winning team. Therefore, it is advisable to get cards before and not so close to the Super Bowl.

Friday, March 31, 2023

The Impact of the NFL on the Value of Sports Trading Cards

 With Mike and Mark Skerbe as its partners, who collectively have more than three decades of experience, Triple SSS Sportscards is a renowned vintage sports card dealer in the United States. The company is known for providing exceptional quality and customer service. Over the past twenty years, Triple SSS Sportscards inventory includes high-end memorabilia, especially sports cards of NFL players.

Every year, the Super Bowl showcases the best teams and players in the NFL, and the game can significantly impact the value of certain sports trading cards. For example, if a player has an outstanding performance in the Super Bowl, their trading card value may increase due to increased demand from collectors and fans.

Furthermore, the Super Bowl can also lead to the release of unique edition sports trading cards, specifically tied to the game. As a consistent attendee of the National Sports Collectors Convention card show for over 25 years, Triple SSS Sportscards actively engages potential clients aiming to sell cards.

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Sought after 1998 Randy Moss Rookie Cards

Located in Detroit, Triple SSS Sports Cards offers a full array of issues of rookies, all stars, and hall of famers from throughout the decades. In the NFL realm, Triple SSS Sports Cards inventories PSA graded cards of the standout wide receiver Randy Moss.

Perhaps the most sought-after Moss rookie is the 1998 Playoff Contenders #92 Rookie Ticket Autograph. An early example of an iconic brand that continues to this day, this card has an estimated print run of 300 and can reach several thousand dollars for a copy in high grade. For those in search of a more affordable option, there are also unsigned versions of the same design.

A fun-to-complete chase is the four tiers of 1998 Flair Showcase, each of which has a different level of rarity and a unique image. In early 2023, a PSA 9 Row 3 Showcase Moss sold for $15, while a Row 1 of the same grade sold for $65. There are also Legacy Collection parallels serial numbered to /100 for all four versions of the card, and these fetch prices in the thousands of dollars.


Yordan Alvarez - Emerging Baseball Star with Card Investment Potential

 Triple SSS Sports Cards is a Detroit, Michigan, company that offers a full range of PSA-graded cards across the major sports, both on eBay ...